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Business clients of all sizes benefit from our experience and expertise.

We represent creditors in proceedings under the federal bankruptcy laws.

Corporate & Commercial

We are general counsel for numerous Indiana corporations and advise in the formation and conduct of business entities in various industries, including construction, retail stores, wholesale distribution and real estate brokerage. 

We litigate on behalf of corporate and individual clients in a variety of contractual, Uniform Commercial Code and debt collection matters.

Criminal Law

We handle the defense of misdemeanors and felonies.

Estate Planning, Probate,
Trust, and Tax Matters

Our firm handles estate planning, decedents' estates and trusts at all levels of complexity.

We also advise on federal and state income tax matters.

Family Law

We handle domestic relations matters, including divorce, support, custody and guardianships.


We represent plaintiffs and defendants in diverse litigation in both the federal and state courts.

Product Liability & Personal Injury

We handle personal injury claims, medical malpractice, product liability, consumer & business injury claims.

Real Estate

We represent numerous corporate, industrial and individual clients in sales and purchases of real estate, zoning, leasing and other matters of land use and development.

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